June 15, 2011

Robert Baines

I remember when artist Robert Baines came to visit the jewelry department at RISD. He gave an unforgettable presentation about his amazing work. The video below gives you a closer look at the intentions behind his work and a view of his studio environment. It's great.

Robert Baines - Living Treasure from Object Australia on Vimeo.

June 12, 2011

making patterns

Victoria and I went to see Ryoji Ikeda's Transfinite exhibition at the Park Armory two days ago. I was completely encapsulated by the the cascading data displayed on the larger life screen. Along with the hypnotic sounds, I felt I could have stared at the screen forever. Kind of wild. Below is an example of what I had seen.
Ikeda's extremity inspired me to replicate and scale the drawings I was working on. It led me to this:


June 11, 2011

Bird by Bird

"What is the kid digging for? The stuff. Details and clues and images, invention, fresh ideas, an intuitive understanding of people. I tell you, the holder of the lantern doesn't even know what the kid is digging for half the time- but she knows gold when she sees it." By Anne Lamott.