September 13, 2011

The Bloomfield School

A happy collaboration. Melissa J Tyson and I just started The Bloomfield School! Our mission is to train you to be a competent maker, not just a student. We're sure that you will be proud of yourself and what you will make in our courses, but we also want you to leave with something more: the knowledge and ability to recreate and expand on each project in the future. The Bloomfield School’s courses are taught in Brooklyn’s real studio environments by knowledgeable staff sharing expertise from their respective fields. Whether you’re trying out a new medium or refreshing an old skill, we hope that you come excited to use your hands and get into it.

Sign up now. We're open for business! Registration has begun for our first round of classes: Ring Making and Focal Bead Making, begining September 27. Both will be held at 75 10 Street, Brooklyn.
Also, check out what they're saying about our school from Brooklyn Exposed by Joann Jovinelly here.

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