January 4, 2010

the stars will align...

I tell myself this because I am totally feeling uninspired and lazy. What a great way to start off 2010!

I feel a lot of times, life is just waiting periods. What about making things happen? What can I do in the meanwhile?

How are you constantly motivated? Don't you get lazy periods? What about times when you are not feeling so enthusiastic?

On the other hand, the week before, not making any jewelry, I made baked goods and treats for family/friends. I only documented my banana bread because I was so happy with it. It was my very first time.

Baking is fun. I have to admit that the walnut adds interesting texture to the bread, visually.

Anyhow, I should feel good and well rested to be productive soon. I need to go back to reality now. 2010, I know you are here...

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