January 14, 2010

thinking about

making art... reaching consciousness?

i still need to process that more, but it has been on my mind a lot.

edit (1/15)- "The capacity of art to feed our souls and assist the process of awakening is widely acknowledged. What is art if not transformation and refinement of energies? Raw materials are transformed, uplifted into a refined state, guided by human consciousness and creative imagination. Experiences are distilled from a personal, intimate, and highly subjective realm into universal expressions of our shared humanity, becoming soulful affirmations for others. The spacious perceptions of artists — expressing their longings, their agonies and bliss — are imbued into their works, creating a resonance in the viewer where feelings are intensified and thought evoked. Certain frequencies of vibration — carried by colors, shapes, lines, word patterns, and musical tones or melodies — can correspond to those same frequencies within ourselves. When painters, poets, musicians, or dancers distill their experiences to an essential core and express a refined sensibility, viewers find that those same qualities within themselves are activated, stimulated, and awakened. Why else is it that a line from Rumi or Rilke, music by Bach or Beethoven, or shapes and colors by Rothko or Pollock can create such an intense response? The making of art is, at its best, a disciplined practice; of refining word patterns, finding subtle relationships of form and color, or fine-tuning movements of the body, which may heighten wakefulness, increase mindfulness, and cultivate an opening of the heart. Creativity encourages a widening and deepening sense of being — for both the artist and the viewer." David Ulrich

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