May 14, 2010


Main Entry: plat·form
Pronunciation: \ˈplat-ˌfȯrm\
Function: noun
Usage: often attributive
Etymology: Middle French plate-forme diagram, map, literally, flat form
Date: 1535

1 : plan, design
2 : a declaration of the principles on which a group of persons stands; especially : a declaration of principles and policies adopted by a political party or a candidate
3 a (1) : a usually raised horizontal flat surface; especially : a raised flooring (2) : a device or structure incorporating or providing a platform; especially : such a structure on legs used for offshore drilling (as for oil) b : a place or opportunity for public discussion
4 a : a usually thick layer (as of cork) between the inner sole and outer sole of a shoe b : a shoe having such a sole
5 a : a vehicle (as a satellite or aircraft) used for a particular purpose or to carry a usually specified kind of equipment b : operating system; also : the computer architecture and equipment using a particular operating system

(via "platform." Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. 2010.).

Platforms sound nice!


  1. A declaration of principles. I think I need to make a list of what I am doing in my work. So I am not straying too much from what I want my work to be about. Or just to analyze it, haha. Writing helps, right? I need to put the makings into words or else I can't explain it, even to myself. Do I make sense? Haha