May 6, 2010

Providence, RI

From the RISD alumni sale...

So many people came out to support RISD alumni. There was a really great turnout.

My old studiomate, Moon! I had a great time sharing the table with her.

A new of way displaying that I wanted to try out. I realized how important it is to place jewelry in a nice setting.

Although the day started early, time just flew by before I realized the Saturday was already over. What a busy day! It was a shame I could not have taken more photos. But I really did had a wonderful time up at RISD this past weekend. The weather could not have been any better. What I loved the most was having the opportunity to share my work within the art community, to receive feedback, and to see which pieces of jewelry people were most interested in. What I really needed the most from this sale was some sort of confidence to push forward with my work; and I think I got that. So I will continue making more and editing my body of work!

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