December 26, 2009

More pics from the holiday sale

Finally got myself to put the photos I took onto my computer. Here are the pictures from the 3rd Ward Craft Fair.

The crowd...It was also really cold that day! Vendors including myself had to wear their jackets all day.

My display...

Sam's Christmas tree!!! Cutest thing ever

Our setup together

She's SMILING!! Sam is so happy! It was a good day.

We also made cookies the night before the sale! We actually didn't make as many cookies as planned because of time; and we also didn't get to package them nicely. But it still turned out great! Chocolate Chai Spice Shortbread and Pumpkin Cookies were the cookies we had time to make. Not only pretty and yummy but they are vegan!! That makes them extra special! Thanks to Amanda who also helped us bake. Sam and I were so exhausted that night. Definitely if we were to make any baked goods the next time around, we would have to prepare two nights before or start earlier in day- not 9pm, what were we thinking?! But the results!!!

It was a sell out!

Thanks to Sam for being there with me. It was nice that we did the sale together. Have to pat ourselves in the back because we both did good!

Through it all, most importantly, I learned to always enjoy and have fun with everything!!

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