December 27, 2009

reading from Paua Dreams Blog

Some questions/issues I found interesting in Paua Dreams' article Identity Issue-

"the general reluctance on the part of these jewellers to accept the label ‘Swedish jeweller"

"the only way they seemed to understand this label was as a descriptor of theme or material – Swedish jewellery as jewellery that in some way declares its Swedishness through references to national/ethnic traditions, or local or natural materials"

"What are good and bad methods of thinking about, or relating to, national identity in jewellery? E.g. what is Swedishness in contemporary jewellery, and what value does it offer for Swedish jewellery to engage with local traditions?"

"It is interesting that Americans seem to have no trouble applying the term American jewellery to their work, or Australians the idea of Australian jewellery."

something to think about

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