November 15, 2011

Tom Sachs' Ten Bullets

I found this video when I was browsing through The Selby more than a few months ago. It crossed my mind again because I have plans to spend a lot of time in studio working. It made an impression on me the first time because I probably felt the lack of guidelines I was giving myself; and in this video it is an artist sharing his habits and rules of working. There is a structure that Sachs gives his employees to make the studio efficient and productive. I would be a bit intimidated to work there but I am sure it is good training and discipline. I like how organization and placement of things are key- something to strive for. Might not be for everyone but take a look!


  1. Yes! I really like this. I think all of the points are good ones, some of them I do now, some of them I could use some work on (I think you know which ones). New space, new opportunity!

  2. p.s. ♥ "your list is your future and your past"

  3. Yay, I am happy someone is reading and watching my blog!