October 19, 2009

this past weekend

It was a pleasant surprise to find out that open studio was happening on our floor as well as surrounding artist studios in the area. I actually found out the day of the opening. Luckily, I had stored some of my past jewelry pieces in my drawer. So I just displayed them on the table under a nice thick board. Still, I was just mildly prepared because in no way was I mentally ready to talk about my work and how I was going to further my ideas.

In the beginning, I was a bit tongue tied, but eventually, I realized that people were really willing to listen. So I began to feel more comfortable slowly expressing my thoughts. Now, I know how important it is to explain your work in clear, concise language. Good thing Steph was also at studio this weekend; we were able to get through this experience together. She is much better at inviting people to come in and look at work. The second day was actually better because we readjusted some of the furniture to open up the space and bought wine and candy for our visitors.

I am so happy to have heard different feedback, responses, and comments. It gave me confidence to further develop my work. It was a great push to finally create an etsy shop. I also had the opportunity to meet the artists on my floor and see their work. It was so nice to have met them.

It was such a great learning weekend!
Note to self: for future open studios, make space welcoming and prepare in advance, if possible.


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